Acotec stops the most aggressive corrosion in the most economical way. Acotec communicates with its clients and engineers to offer the most effective treatment with the claim-free and environment-friendly Humidur coatings. Talk to Acotec and find the answer to your problem.

Why Acotec?

With millions of square meters of steel protected by Humidur and without any claims on these applications, we are confident to find a solution to your problem.

Acotec is the worldwide provider in the field of environmentally friendly coatings offering the unique combination of being the manufacturer as well as controlling the application process. In this way, Acotec controls the whole logistics chain from coating production to the application and quality control. Hence, Acotec can offer insured warranties up to 10 years, unavailable elsewhere in the industry.

Why Acotec?

Acotec offers solutions from A to Z

Acotec nv is the sole developer and manufacturer of the Humidur® coatings and controls its full application process (either by applying it ourselves, or by working with approved applicators). This unique combination enables Acotec to perfectly match the application process with the coating, resulting in high quality protection and application friendliness. Furthermore, Acotec develops customized application tools and innovative techniques. On top of that, as the developer of Humidur®, Acotec can tune the properties of its coatings or develop a new formula for specific applications.

Acotec can customize both its coating and application tools to solve your problem.


Acotec creates its solutions with the utmost respect for the environment. The coatings are developed in order that they have no detrimental effect on the sediment, fauna and flora in and out of the water. Humidur® coatings contain no VOC’s, no solvents, no coaltar, no isocyanates and no heavy metals. Furthermore, Acotec develops application techniques that limit any pollution to a minimum.

Why Acotec?

Acotec communicates with its clients

As Acotec is responsible for the full corrosion treatment, we are able to adjust and fit every component according to the client’s wish. One of Acotec’s key benefits is that any disruption to activity is kept to an absolute minimum while doing the treatment. Shutdowns are avoided at all costs. Acotec thinks together with its clients to make the overall costs as low as possible, to create shared benefits and to add value to the infrastructure.

Technical experience

With a highly skilled team of engineers and workers, Acotec is able to offer the best-fit solution to stop corrosion/fouling and offer the most economical solution in terms of life cycle maintenance and management. As Acotec nv is the developer of the Humidur coatings, customized products can be developed and produced, according to your needs.


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Member of:

Chinese Classification Society American Bureau of Shipping American Association of Port Authorities The European Small Hydropower Association The International Association of Ports and Harbors National Association of Corrosion Engineers  The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure The Society For Protective Coatings British Hydropower Association

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