An inspection cofferdam is typically 2 meters wide and can be built up according the requested inspection depth. This cofferdam fits on the back of a truck and can be transported as such. An inspection of a quay wall in detail will be executed with reference setups (decided in a joint decision between the client and Acotec) where the cofferdam will be placed. This will generally be on the locations where damage can be seen such as holing or even a subsidence of the quay.


An inspection can be performed by Acotec, by the client itself or by a third party which is mostly an engineering company.


When Acotec performs the inspection, a typical setup includes:

  • dewatering,
  • visual inspection,
  • cleaning of the biofilm and vegetation,
  • remaining steel thickness measurements on every inpan, flange and outpan for every meter below the waterline,
  • potential measurements,
  • coupon analysis to determine corrosion from the backside,
  • test to determine bacterial corrosion,
  • remaining film thickness of possible old coatings,
  • inspection of former corrosion protection tools present,
  • possible repairs when requested by the client.


An inspection in the dry gives a number of advantages:

  • The infrastructure is clearly visible
  • You can wash away the biofilm and vegetation and collect any loose material
  • You don’t depend on the diver’s interpretation, but you can inspect yourself
  • By taking away the front pressure on the waterside, any leakage and holing will become visible, even the smallest
  • Any holing found, can be repaired immediately, during the inspection

A detailed cofferdam inspection is often required prior to a full renovation project or refurbishment of a jetty or bulkhead structure. The results of the inspection can be a direct input to determine the size and budget for the project for a possible repair or rehabilitation project.


Please contact Acotec to see that this way of inspecting is worthwhile…


Technical documents, data sheets, specification sheets and much more information are all available on


Technical documents, data sheets, specification sheets and much more information are all available on

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