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Renovation of the Suez Canal in Egypt

The Acotec full renovation system (cofferdam technology + Humidur coatings) is being used to restore the steel sheet piles of the Suez Canal in Egypt. Together with CNC (a subsidiary company of the Suez Canal Authority), Acotec is able to protect the third largest income of Egypt from a corrosion attack.

ACOTEC joined forces with the Canal Naval Constructions Company (CNC), a subsidiary of the Suez Canal Authority. CNC is a specialized marine contractor involved in general marine contracting and the production of aluminum pilot boats. CNC has added the Acotec sheetpile repair system with Humidur to their activities. 

The Acotec system for repair and corrosion protection of steel sheetpiles includes the dewatering limpet cofferdams to create a safe and dry area in front of the sheet piles to perform the repair and corrosion treatment. The corrosion is cleaned and the extreme damage is repaired with doubler plates. Once the full surface preparation is done according to Acotec’s specifications and method statement, the HUMIDUR® coatings are applied to stop the corrosion. This full anti-corrosion system has been used for thirty years at multiple locations all over the world.

After the transfer of technology and training of CNC personnel, sheet pile rehabilitation became a full time activity of CNC. After the start with the Suez Canal Authority, several Port Authorities, the Egyptian Navy and private oil and petrochemical companies show their interest in the technology for corrosion protection of their steel infrastructure. Not only steel sheetpiles are possible, also pipelines, storage tanks, tubular piles and offshore infrastructure is up for renovation.

Renovation of the Suez Canal in Egypt


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