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A new and progressive Humidur product

Humidur FP QR

We proudly announce our new and progressive product, Humidur FP QR (Quick Repair).

Since a few weeks Humidur FP Quick Repair, with its straightforward application, has been specifically launched for the repair of coatings and for small/difficult to reach areas of application. 

It comes in pre-dosed tubes and it is applied by a standard dispensing gun. Only the amount that is needed, however small, is mixed automatically at the correct ratio in the tip, eliminating waste and mixing errors.


· Compatible with most epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester coatings

· Pot life becomes irrelevant

· remainder of tube can be used at later moment

· long term protection in highly corrosive environments

· single coat system

· environmentally friendly

· curing under water

· excellent abrasion and impact resistance

· surface tolerant and outstanding adhesion

· can be easily spread out over surface by brush

For more information, contact the Acotec Headquarters.


Technical documents, data sheets, specification sheets and much more information are all available on

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