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Acotec will rehabilitate the 'Paleiskade' at the Port of Den Helder

The 'Paleiskade' is one the key assets owned by the Port of Den Helder in The Netherlands, one of the fastest growing offshore harbours in the North Sea. The 'Paleiskade' generates an important income for the Port coming from these offshore activities. 7 years after scale enlargements and new constructions at the 'Paleiskade', corrosion already took an important place in the maintenance program.

Acotec will rehabilitate the 'Paleiskade' at the Port of Den Helder

Acotec is a marine specialist in restoring corroded and deteriorated sheetpile quay walls and bring them back to their original capacity and able to prolonge their service life. Acotec will implement its DZI cofferdam technology and anti-corrosion Humidur products to bring the 'Paleiskade' in the best possible condition, being able to serve the industry for the next 5 decades.

Acotec will rehabilitate the 'Paleiskade' at the Port of Den Helder

Acotec personnel will complete this job from beginning to the end as the offshore activities will continue at all times during the renovation. In perfect communication with the Port Management, the sheetpiles will be as new before this winter.

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